We support medical staff and others at the frontline fighting Covid-19

We help medical staff and their families to get through this period as easily as possible

We support all medical workers

Emergency response teams
Lab teams
Respiratory Physiotherapy
Medical Imaging teams
Respiratory and medical technicians
Operational, support and administrative staff
How does it work?
We match volunteers with a medical team member who needs help with their personal needs during this period. The volunteer helps meet those needs by utilizing the volunteer's own personal network including friends/ family/ social media

How can you help?

Prepare meals

Donate protection equipment & masks

Help with groceries


Donate a parking spot

Any other idea

I'm a medical worker

would like your assistance
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I want to volunteer

would like to adopt a doctor
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Another way to help: Donat 250 NIS to a Doctor that will get the funds as a coupon to the Yummi site, and will be able to purchase home cooked food for several days.

Yummi does not take a commission, the entire sum is transfered to the cause.
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